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The Sheptone pickups really nail those Classic Rock and Blues sounds that many players are after. My personal favorites that I have used in many of my own guitars as well as customers guitars are the Sheptone Tribute PAFs. Check out the videos and see for yourself, with the right amp you can dial in many of those vintage clean and dirty tones. They are un-potted (no wax), touch sensitive pickups that respond well to many styles of playing and work well with Fender and Marshall amps.

Above: AB Custom Set with Aged Nickel Covers and Vintage Braided Leads

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Type of Pickup
Bobbin Color
Type of Leads
Optional: Covers
Sheptone pickups can be ordered with or with out covers, and aging is free.  You can select the color of the bobbins and the type of leads. Vintage braided leads are the Traditional style for PAFs and 4 conductor leads allow you to split coils and do other mods like series and out of phase. I have been a Sheptone Dealer for many years now and if you order from me I can usually have them in 3 - 4 weeks depending on Sheps work load vs 6-8 week lead time if you order from so please feel free to contact me by email or phone of you have any questions prior to placing an order.

The Sheptone Tribute PAF's are my #1 Best Selling pickups for those Vintage 50's & 60's Rock and Blues Tones

Select 1 Single PAF and Humbucker Pickup Options
Bobbin Color
Type of Leads
Aging Options
If you would just like to order a single pickup or mix and match pickups to create a pair that works for you, now you can select from several different options including color of bobbins, type of leads and optional aging.

Sheptone P90-H
P-90H Options
Type of Leads
The Sheptone P-90H is a True P-90 that fits right into Humbucker mounting rings. That way you can install them into a guitar that is routed for Humbuckers without doing any modifications to the instrument. The P-90H delivers that Classic P-90 single coil sound has a little more "bite" than a humbucker.
A True P-90 that fits right into any standard Humbucker route!
Below: Sheptone P-90H in Nickel surrounds

Below: Video Demos with Sheptone PAF's installed in several Les Pauls and my SG

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